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Dylon Pre Dye (200g)- Lightens Fabrics

  • Dylon Pre Dye  (200g)- Lightens Fabrics

Enhance your fabric dyeing experience with Dylon Pre-Dye, a versatile solution designed for use in your washing machine. Available in a convenient 200g pack size, this powerful product is your key to unlocking a world of colour possibilities.


  • Lightens Dark Fabrics ready for new colour
  • One 200g pack is suitable for up to 500g of dry fabric
  • Easy to use in washing machine drum
  • Packaging is 90% recycled paper

Dylon Pre-Dye - Lightens fabrics, excels at removing existing colours from fabrics, providing a clean slate for your creative vision. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to choose any vibrant hue from the rainbow. This dye effortlessly lightens fabrics to a neutral shade, creating a blank canvas that invites you to explore and express your unique style.

The simplicity of Dylon Pre-dye is one of its standout features. With just one 200g pack, you can treat up to 500g of dry fabric, making it a cost-effective choice for both small and large projects.

The user-friendly design allows you to add the Dylon Pre-Dye directly at the beginning of your washing machine cycle, streamlining the dyeing process.

No need to wait for 15 minutes – just pop it in, and let the washing machine do the work.

Whether you're reviving old garments or preparing fabrics for a vibrant transformation, Dylon Pre-Dye offers a reliable and efficient solution.

Don't let the current colour of your fabric limit your creativity. Embrace the freedom to dye your fabrics in any shade you desire with the pre-dyeing magic of Dylon Pre-Dye.

Elevate your DIY projects and bring new life to your textiles with this essential addition to your washing machine dyeing toolkit.

Dylon Pre-Dye is a powerful and versatile solution designed to prepare your fabrics for a vibrant transformation. Whether you're aiming to lighten the existing colour of your fabric or create a neutral base for a new hue, Dylon Pre-Dye provides a straight forward and effective process.

Here's a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use Dylon Pre-Dey

Dylon Pre Dye Instructions

1. Gather Your Materials:

  • Dylon Pre Dye (200g pack)
  • Fabric to be treated (up to 500g of dry fabric per pack)
  • Washing machine

2. Preparing Your Fabric:

  • Ensure that the fabric you intend to dye is clean and free of any stains or residues.
  • If the fabric is heavily soiled, consider giving it a pre-wash to remove any dirt or contaminants.

3. Loading the Washing Machine:

  • Place the clean, dry fabric into the washing machine drum.
  • Open the Dylon Pre Dye pack, and add the entire contents directly into the drum with the fabric.

4. Setting the Washing Machine:

  • Set your washing machine to a full cycle with the hottest water temperature recommended for the fabric.
  • Ensure that the cycle duration is suitable for the fabric being treated.

5. Running the Cycle:

  • Start the washing machine cycle, allowing it to run its course.
  • The Dylon Pre Dye will work to remove existing colours from the fabric during this process.

6. Monitoring the Process:

  • Keep an eye on the washing machine during the cycle to ensure proper mixing and distribution of the pre-dye.
  • Do not interrupt the cycle once it has begun.

7. Completing the Cycle:

  • Once the washing machine cycle is complete, carefully remove the fabric.
  • Check the fabric to ensure that the desired colour removal or lightening has been achieved.

8. Post-Treatment Care:

  • Rinse the fabric thoroughly to remove any residual dye particles.
  • If desired, you can follow up with a gentle detergent wash to eliminate any remaining dye traces.
  • Allow the fabric to dry completely before proceeding with further dyeing or use.

9. Additional Tips:

  • For larger fabric quantities or heavily dyed fabrics, you may choose to use multiple packs of Dylon Pre Dye.
  • Follow the fabric care instructions to ensure the best results and longevity of the material.

10. Caution:

  • It's advisable to wear protective gloves to avoid direct contact with the dye during the loading and unloading of the washing machine.

By following these comprehensive instructions, you can maximize the effectiveness of Dylon Pre Dye ensuring that your fabrics are primed for the next step in your creative dyeing journey.

Enjoy the freedom to experiment with a spectrum of colours, knowing that Dylon Pre Dye has laid the perfect foundation for your textile transformations.

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