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Dypro Instruction Washing Machine Method

Important Information Before Dyeing

(For fully automatic front-loading washing machines only).

Do NOT dye wool or silk in the washing machine.

Do NOT dye less than 500g / 1lb dry fabric weight or more than half the machine maximum wash load.

Do NOT use economy or half load programs.

Instructions for fabric dyeing in washing machine:

1. Weigh and wash the fabric and leave damp.

2. Wearing rubber gloves, add requited amount of dye to drum of washing machine (not soap dispenser).

3. Add 60g/2oz of salt per 500g/I lb of fabric being dyed, covering the dye powder.

4. Place damp, unfolded fabric into the machine. Set and run the longest, hottest wash cycle, without pre-wash.

5. Remove the fabric from the machine and dry away from heat or direct sunlight.

6. Clean the machine immediately by running the longest, hottest wash with one cup of bleach.

7. Wash articles dyed with multi-purpose dye separately.

8. Re-seal the tin immediately after use.

9. To improve the wash fastness of the fabric (i.e. to reduce colour fading), treat the fabric with Dyprofix after it has been dyed.