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Dylon Colour Catcher Max Protect

Dylon Colour Catcher Max Protect - Next Generation of Laundry Innovation: Enhanced Sheet Performance for a Greener Future

Revolutionizing your laundry experience, our new sheet generation brings forth a paradigm shift in size and performance. With larger dimensions, these sheets offer superior functionality, ensuring a more efficient and eco-friendly laundry routine. Crafted from 100% naturally-derived fibres, these sheets go beyond conventional standards, reducing the need for sorting and minimizing wash loads.

  • Big Pack 40 Sheets
  • Prevents Colour Runs
  • Allows Mixed Washes
  • Protects Colour Vibrancy
  • 100% naturally -derived Fiver Sheets
  • 100% Recycled paper Box
  • Less Sorting = Fewer Wash Loads

Embrace a laundry revolution that not only promises better performance but also champions environmental sustainability. Bid farewell to colour run accidents in a truly eco-friendly manner. Our sheets act as guardians, preventing colours from bleeding into the water during each wash, minimizing the risk of unwanted colour transfers.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Place Sheet in washing machine-washing Add Laundry and start wash cycle
  3. Remove sheet after wash

The tangible proof lies in the sheet itself, showcasing its effectiveness in capturing and trapping colours that might otherwise seep into your fabrics. With this innovative solution, you can now confidently engage in mixed washes, effortlessly combining a spectrum of colours without fear of compromising their vibrancy.

But the innovation doesn't stop there; it extends to the composition of the sheet. Crafted entirely from 100% naturally-derived fibres, these sheets epitomize our commitment to sustainability. As an added benefit, these fibres are biodegradable, ensuring that your laundry routine aligns with eco-conscious practices from start to finish.

Furthermore,  Dylon Colour Catcher Max Protect sheets proudly bear the FSC® certification, assuring consumers that they originate from responsibly managed forests. This certification underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship, providing you with a product that not only meets but exceeds ethical and ecological standards.

Imagine a laundry experience where protection against colour run accidents is maximized, allowing you to maintain the vibrancy of your garments. These sheets act as a shield, catching loose dye particles and preventing them from depositing on your clothes, thereby averting dullness and ensuring that each wash leaves your fabrics as vibrant as ever

Box of 40 Sheets

Instructions for Use:

Step 1: Position the sheet within the washing drum before introducing your laundry.

Step 2: Follow your regular routine by adding laundry detergent, then commence the wash cycle.

Step 3: Upon completion of the wash cycle, extract both the sheet and your clothes.

This versatile product is suitable for both hand and machine-washing, accommodating all temperatures, cycles, and fabric types. Rest assured, it is safe for use in the dryer, offering convenience and flexibility in your laundry routine.

  • Dylon
  • Product Code: Big Pack 40 sheets
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  • £6.99

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